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Owen Brittan (Peerceptiv)/Sheena Gibson (Peerceptiv)/Kelly Hanson (CoE)/Aaron Elam (CAEN)

Join Kelly Hanson, Director of the Program in Technical Communication, and the Support Team from Peerceptiv as they discuss a new peer-to-peer learning tool recently made available at Michigan Engineering. Research shows that students learn more by giving feedback than by receiving it. Validated by 20 years of research at the University of Pittsburgh, Peerceptiv actively engages learners in giving and receiving feedback while saving instructors time. Peer Review, Peer Assessment, Team Member Evaluation, and Live Presentation assignments enable authentic assessment that improves outcomes in any course with any size class. Learners build critical thinking and communication skills while participating in high-level academic dialogue. Instructors can easily set up and facilitate in Canvas and add a peer learning step to their current assignments in less than 30 minutes. In this webinar, we will explore how faculty at the University of Michigan and around the country have utilized Peerceptiv to implement peer learning - students engage in active learning that improves their performance and preparation. At the same time, instructors can assign more authentic assessments and save time grading and providing feedback.


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