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Dan Petito (Poll Everywhere) & Sarah Noah (CAEN)

Poll Everywhere is a student response system designed to make every classroom, whether in-person, fully virtual, or hybrid, more engaging with ease. Integrating with popular slideware and multiple meeting apps, Poll Everywhere offers a suite of 20+ interactive activities including multiple choice questions, Q&A, word clouds and more. Instructors can maintain engagement and assess active learning in real-time while students are provided with a no cost and inclusive way to participate.

Poll Everywhere allows you to:

  • Increase overall classroom engagement
  • Formatively Assess or collect feedback from students
  • Liven up courses and lectures: participation at scale
  • Check in person attendance quickly and easily
  • Grade and integrate with Canvas via LTI 1.3

During this training, you will learn:

  • Creating and managing Poll Everywhere interactive questions
  • Presenting questions in PPT.
  • Reporting options
  • Navigation and templates
  • Additional topics and Q&A


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