Fall 2018 Ready, Set, Intern! for First-Year Students

Ready, Set, Intern!

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Student Activities Building, Maize and Blue Auditorium

As a first-year student, figuring out what you need to do to get an internship or understanding what interests you have is hard -- 100 emoji. It’s difficult to know what employers look for or how might your interests equal a job or a major. 

No worries, we designed an experience just for you. 

During this 50-minute workshop, we hope to...

- Walk you through what employers look for in interns

- Help you set goals to prepare yourself to be a GREAT candidate

- Bullet point three, what’s up!?

- Debunk major and career connection

- Guide you on how to use our office to gain experience

You should come if you…

- Are a first-year student!

- Want to know what experiences employers look for and how to get it. 

- Have been asked at least 50 times already, “what’s your major?”

- Aren’t totally sure on what the “Career Center” does.

*RSVP is required for this program. 

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