Renew, Replenish, Restore Yoga

Renew, Replenish, & Restore programming at Trotter Multicultural Center is an opportunity for students to engage in racial healing. This series will take a direct focus on "movement" from the framework of the Tree of Contemplative Practices, where Yoga is the main practice of healing.

Session Is Over
Trotter Multicultural Center - Multipurpose Rooms 2 & 3
Jamel Randall (The Trap Yoga & Massage Studio)

We are bringing students "Trap Yoga" from The Trap Yoga & Massage Studio of Detroit, who incorporate music, dance and yoga as a way to introduce the practice in a fun yet informative way! Practice "movement" contemplative practices as part of your racial healing journey as you head into your exam week! First come, first serve for yoga mats to use. 

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