2024 Student Summit: Leadership & Belonging

We are thrilled to announce the inaugural Michigan LSAMP (MI-LSAMP) & OCCE Student Leadership Summit! This transformative event is designed to empower students from diverse backgrounds through engaging discussions, interactive sessions and networking opportunities fostering the development of robust leadership skills. The summit aims to inspire innovative thinking and cultivate a vibrant community of dynamic student leaders. 

The ½ day highly interactive Summit, facilitated by Dr. Brandon Jones, will have sessions focused on Leadership Development, Inclusion & Belonging, Goal Setting, and Networking and Relationship Maintenance, to name a few. These sessions aim to provide insight, encourage collaboration and inspire growth as we come together to create a space where leadership thrives and potential is unlocked. Be a part of this enriching experience that promises to ignite passion, amplify voices and set the stage for a new era of student leadership. 

Learn more about the sessions we'll be offering at the Inaugural Student Leadership Summit:

  • Session #1 — Leadership Development: This dynamic session begins by emphasizing the integral role of leadership skills in personal and professional development, establishing a connection between leadership and individual growth. You will explore diverse leadership styles, from authoritative to collaborative approaches, gaining a comprehensive understanding of how leadership manifests in different forms. A key focus is placed on the significance of self-awareness in leadership development, prompting you to reflect on your own leadership styles and answer essential questions about your role as leaders. By the end of the session, you will be empowered with insights and knowledge to enhance your leadership capabilities, poised to navigate challenges and opportunities in both academic and professional spheres.

  • Session #2 — Goal Reflection: This session will highlight the crucial role of goal-setting for academic success by exploring the power of reflection, delving into past experiences and lessons learned to cultivate a mindset of continuous improvement. With a focus on prioritizing goals, overcoming challenges and building robust support systems, you will gain practical strategies for navigating obstacles and seeking assistance when needed. This session will also guide you in identifying available academic resources on campus and establishing checkpoints for ongoing progress. You will engage in interactive activities, including goal-setting discussions within small groups, which will foster peer support and collaboration. This session will also include a Q&A session, ensuring that you leave equipped to evaluate, adjust and celebrate your academic journey. 

  • Session #3 — Networking and Relationship Maintenance: This comprehensive session is designed to equip you with the skills needed for successful and lasting connections. The session navigates the landscape of on-campus networking resources, the importance of diversifying networking approaches, how to leverage social media platforms and explore extracurricular activities for networking opportunities. We’ll also address essential network etiquette, ensuring that you can confidently participate in professional events. Interactive activities, including networking simulations and elevator pitch practice, provide hands-on experience, ensuring that you leave with the confidence and skills needed for successful professional relationship-building.

  • Session #4 — Inclusion and Belonging: This session will bring together the threads of understanding, empathy and connections to create a space where everyone feels valued and included. This session serves as the culmination of diverse elements, emphasizing the importance of fostering an inclusive environment. You will explore the significance of embracing diversity, recognizing the unique contributions of each individual and cultivating a sense of belonging within our community. Through interactive discussions and activities, you will gain insights into the practical steps needed to create inclusive spaces, fostering a culture where everyone can thrive! 

In addition to offering four sessions led by our incredible team, we're excited to provide lunch, creating an inclusive environment for networking and collaboration. Save the date and embark on a journey of empowerment and inspiration at the MI-LSAMP & OCCE Student Leadership Summit! If you require accommodations or would like to let us know about your dietary restrictions, please contact Communications & Events Specialist Stephen Gonzalez (sgonzal@umich.edu).

Please register by March 28, 2024 at 11:59pm EST so we can ensure we have enough food and supplies for everyone. 

Session Is Over
Palmer Commons (Great Lakes Room)

The ½ day highly interactive Summit, facilitated by Dr. Brandon Jones, will have sessions focused on Leadership Development, Inclusion & Belonging, Goal Setting, and Networking and Relationship Maintenance, to name a few. Lunch and snacks will be provided throughout the day. 

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