Cover Letters and Resumes for Diverse Career Pathways in the Humanities

With a focus on humanities students, this workshop will provide guidance around cover letters and resumes for positions beyond tenure track roles.

The process of synthesizing your academic experiences into strong application materials for jobs beyond academia can be challenging but rewarding. This workshop is a hands-on opportunity for graduate students to learn how to effectively develop a resume using the foundation that they have laid with information and experiences from their CV. The session will also include strategies for writing compelling, tailored cover letters and thinking strategically about how these two documents complement each other.

To make the most of the session, students should come prepared to discuss and workshop ideas, and have a simple list of their recent experiences and skills they might want to highlight (a CV or past resume would also work). 

Session Is Over
202 S. Thayer - 1022 (Institute for the Humanities - Osterman Common Room)
Kirsten Elling and Joe Cialdella
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