OGPS Faculty Corner Series Winter 2024

OGPS Faculty Corner Series

This is a monthly in-person event designed to provide insights, advice, and knowledge to you as an emerging academic. Each event features a faculty member discussing topics pertinent to starting an academic career focusing on research. You will get to hear from faculty about their career trajectories and how they navigated their transition from trainee to faculty member. You will also have an opportunity to network with the faculty member as well as other trainees.

Aims and Objectives:

  1. To provide a platform where trainees can learn from faculty experiences and knowledge.
  2. To address and discuss pertinent issues and topics relevant to the biomedical/medical field and life sciences.
  3. To foster networking and community-building opportunities among trainees and faculty.
  4. To promote a culture of continuous learning and improvement, equipping trainees with the necessary skills and information for the faculty profession needed to transition into academia.

Session Is Over
THSL 2955

This month's session, led by Dr. Matthias Truttmann, focuses on 'Best Practices in Preparing and Applying for a Tenure-Track Position' – learn key strategies and tips for a successful career transition into an academic tenure-track faculty role.

The session includes a Q&A, so bring your questions for a valuable learning and networking opportunity.

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