Neurodiversity in the Workplace (LSA Disability Navigator Workshop)

Neurodiversity is the new hot topic in the realm of disability inclusion and accessibility—and with good reason. A significant percentage of people are now recognized as having neurotypes that are not well supported by societal norms and our collective understanding of how to communicate across and support neurodiversity is still developing. Fortunately researchers, educators, and advocates who identify as neurodivergent are contributing to a growing body of best practices. 

Join the LSA Faculty & Staff Disability Navigators to learn about neurodiversity and how we can all start creating more neuroinclusive workplaces. 


Participants will:

1. Understand what neurodiversity is and how the concept has evolved over time.

2. Reflect on the ways neurodiversity shapes our experiences, behaviors, aptitudes, and understanding of the world.

3. Gain insight into how contemporary work norms can exclude and create barriers for a range of neurotypes.

4. Explore neuroinclusive practices we can proactively integrate into our workplaces.

5. Become familiar with relevant resources for LSA employees. 

Audience: This is a beginner-level workshop open to any LSA employee, including our student employees. LSA employees receive priority access, so while external guests are welcome to register they will be waitlisted and allocated spots as space allows.


This workshop will be conducted virtually on Zoom. Camera use will be optional. Auto-captioning will be enabled and slides will be shared during and following the workshop. Discussion will be facilitated via the chat function and interested participants will be invited to unmute themselves. There will be time for questions and participants will have the option to submit anonymously via the Q&A function. This session will not be recorded.


The LSA DEI Office greatly values inclusion and access for all. We are pleased to provide reasonable accommodations to enable your full participation in this workshop. Please contact if you would like to request disability accommodations or have questions related to access needs.

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Jessica McCuaig & Stephanie Peck

Zoom information will be sent out to registered participants 24 hours in advance of the workshop. LSA employees receive priority access to this workshop. External guests will be waitlisted and allocated spots as space allows.

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