Business+Tech Literacy Download 2023

Business+Tech is hosting the +Tech Literacy Download for students across all schools and colleges. During this three-week series, participants will increase their technical literacy and competency through hands-on workshops ranging from coding languages to industry-lead information sessions on emerging technologies. Accelerate your technical literacy today by saving signing-up for our upcoming sessions for the +Tech Literacy Download! **You're welcome to arrive at any of our sessions a bit late or leave a bit early. Your tech journey awaits, no matter when you join!

Learn Tech Industry Basics

Get exposure to critical terms and concepts that are used in the business and tech landscape on topics such as Digital User Experience and Big Data & Analytics.

Network with Industry Leaders

Learn the skills needed to excel in the intersection of business and tech from Tech giants, like Google and Meta.

Gain Hands on Experience

Acquire working knowledge of key languages and platforms used to build tech from leading experts like Amazon and Adobe.

Session Is Over
Tami Frankenfield, Manging Director of AI and Data and other Deloitte Consultants

In a world where artificial intelligence (AI) is rewriting the rules, how can you stay ahead of the curve? Join us for an engaging panel discussion featuring experts from Deloitte Consulting as they dissect the most impactful use cases in data analytics and AI.

Dive deep into the core capabilities that drive these revolutionary AI applications. What does it take to succeed in a landscape that's evolving at breakneck speed? Discover how these leaders have transformed their skill sets to thrive in the face of shifting tech trends and how you can adapt your own journey.

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to gain insights from the forefront of AI evolution. Secure your virtual seat now and journey with Deloitte Consulting into the heart of AI's rapid transformation.


  • Tami Frankenfield, Managing Director, AI & Data
  • Charlotte Rath, Strategy & Analytics Manager
  • Ellen Tomljanovic, Technology Senior Consultant

Session Categories: Emerging Tech, Tech Careers, Tech Consulting 

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