2023 IRWG/Rackham Community of Scholars Symposium

This symposium features interdisciplinary feminist scholarship from the 2023 IRWG/Rackham Community of Scholars fellows.

The IRWG/Rackham Community of Scholars Fellowship is a highly competitive program for PhD candidates from across the Ann Arbor campus. In spring, the fellows participate in a weekly seminar designed to foster cross-disciplinary dialogue and peer reviews of a dissertation chapter or article. Over the summer, the scholars continue their research and writing. They reconvene for the annual Community of Scholars Symposium to share the product of their summer’s work with each other and a broader audience.

Lunch will be provided for those who register by September 13.

The 2023 fellows are:

  • Brittany Joyce, PhD Candidate, History, College of LSA
  • Jessica Kiebler, PhD Candidate, Psychology and Women's & Gender Studies, College of LSA
  • Sunhong Kim, PhD Candidate, Musicology, School of Music, Theatre & Dance
  • Raya Naamneh, PhD Candidate, Comparative Literature, College of LSA
  • Sydney Tunstall, PhD Candidate, English and Women's & Gender Studies, College of LSA
  • Raquel Vieira Parrine Sant'Ana, PhD Candidate, Romance Languages and Literatures, College of LSA
  • Elizabeth Walz, PhD Candidate, Romance Languages & Literatures, College of LSA
  • Kerry White, PhD Candidate, American Culture, College of LSA

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Rackham Graduate School (Horace H.) (West Conference Room (4th Floor, Rackham Building))


9:30-10:40 am: PANEL 1 - Escaping Contingency through Art

  • Chair: Aliyah Khan, Director, Global Islamic Studies Center; Associate Professor Department of English Language & Literature, Department of Afroamerican & African Studies
  • Sunhong Kim, “The visceral sound of piri: gender essentialism in Korean national music competitions”
  • Raquel Vieira Parrine Sant’Ana, "We Don't Think Straight" - Desire and Politics in Leonilson's Artworks
  • Sydney Tunstall, "To Risk To Live: Black Lesbian Writers and the Undead 1980s”

10:45-11:55 am: PANEL 2 - Collecting Narrations of World-Making

  • Chair: Andrea Bolivar, Assistant Professor, Women’s and Gender Studies
  • Raya Naamneh,“Beyond Property: Kheir and Relational Abundance in a Local Palestinian World”
  • Jessica Kiebler, “The role of neoliberal beliefs in perceptions of women's experiences of gender-based mistreatment”
  • Kerry White, “Trans Sisterhood Across Empire: On Solidarity and Heartbreak or ¿Qué nos va a importar eso a nosotras?”

12-12:30 pm: LUNCH

12:30-1:25 pm: PANEL 3 - Gender (Un)Freedom under Empire

  • Chair: Anna Bonnell Freidin, Assistant Professor, History
  • Brittany Joyce, “Virgin Households: Slavery and Virginity in Early Christianity”
  • Elizabeth Walz, “Opening Passages: Galician and Puerto Rican feminist literary interventions in late Spanish Empire”
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