AHM: Decorative Art Workshop with Harout Bastajian

Please join for a free workshop led by world renowned decorative artist, Harout Bastajian! You will have the chance to be hands-on, learning techniques such as gilding, patina, wood/marble/stone imitation, washes, technical painting, design prep and more. You will also be able to learn a little bit about Harout’s work in the US, Europe, Middle East and Africa. He has executed domes and design for marquee mosques around the world including The Islamic Center of America in Michigan, Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque in Lebanon, Ilorin Mosque in Nigeria and many more. Harout Bastajian is the artist that created the mural in the Edward Said lounge. His email address is haroutbast@gmail.com 

Session Is Over
North Quad 2435
Harout Bastajian
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