Ready, Set, Start February

We offer a goal-oriented workshop to help you plan and (re)align your focus for weekly success. In these workshops, we will guide you through a goal-creation process, use crowdsourcing to find resources and potential pitfalls, and provide you with a goal coach for the week. After completing the workshop, you will have the opportunity to receive 3 additional weeks of personalized support on a specific 30-day goal. 

Weekly Communication and Support: You will be assigned a goals coach, who will support and guide you through your 30-day goal.

Our coaches will:

  • Work with you to define or redefine your goal 
  • Provide strategies to help you achieve it!
  • Connect with you once a week via Zoom, telephone, or email to answer your questions, provide support, and highlight wins.
  • Facilitate a safe space to develop a network of peers for shared support

At WISE we know that the different dimensions of wellness are something that we should focus on every day not only in times of stress. We have created the Wellness Everyday Series to aid the WISE community’s exposure to different aspects of their wellness and develop a practice of wellness every day. When you are well it helps the community to become well.

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