Science Success Series: Finding Pre-Health Summer Opportunities

This session is part of the Science Success Series hosted by the Newnan Academic Advising Center Pre-Health team in collaboration with the Science Learning Center and Women in Science and Engineering (WISE).

Students on the pre-health path are always looking for great summer opportunities to volunteer, shadow, and gain clinical experience. But, sometimes the challenge can be how to find opportunities or where to get started. Please join us for this special UM Sessions panel discussion to hear from professional health program students who were once in your shoes. Panelists will describe how they found meaningful volunteer, clinical, and/or research positions when they were undergraduates. Also, they will discuss how they contacted professionals about available positions, kept a journal to record what they learned, created a supportive network, and developed good time management skills to balance work, school, and extracurricular activities. You will have an opportunity to ask questions of panelists. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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