Business+Tech Literacy Download 2022

Business+Tech is hosting the second annual +Tech Literacy Download for students across all schools and colleges. During this month-long series, participants will increase their technical literacy and competency through hands-on workshops ranging from coding languages to industry-lead information sessions on emerging technologies. Accelerate your technical literacy today by saving the date for the +Tech Literacy Download!

Learn Tech Industry Basics

Get exposure to critical terms and concepts that are used in the business and tech landscape on topics such as Digital User Experience and Big Data & Analytics.

Network with Industry Leaders

Learn the skills needed to excel in the intersection of business and tech from Tech giants, like Google and Meta. 

Gain Hands on Experience 

Acquire working knowledge of key languages and platforms used to build tech from leading experts like Amazon and Adobe.

Session Is Over
Ross School of Business (Tauber Colloquium (6th floor))
CVP, Deputy CTO of Microsoft, Sam Schillace

Come celebrate the ending of a phenomenal month of tech literacy sessions with us! FOOD WILL BE PROVIDED. 

We'll be closing out the +Tech Literacy Download with Sam Schillace, Microsoft Deputy CTO. During this fireside chat, we'll discuss Sam's unusual career path in the industry and his take on innovation, disruption, and tech entrepreneurship. Sam is the co-creator of GoogleDocs and a big champion of AI. He also has a column called Sunday Letters (subscribe here!).

Don't miss this chance to hear about the future of tech and business from one of the leaders in this space! 


Sam Schillace graduated from U of M in 1989 with two degrees in combinatorics. He's spent the last 30+ years in Silicon Valley building companies and software products. He's founded 6 companies, was one of the founders of Google Docs with his company Writely, was the head of engineering at Box helping with their IPO, was an investor at Google Ventures and worked on Google Maps for 3 years, as well as helping run many of Google's products as an early technical leader at Google: Gmail, Picasa, Blogger, Page Creator, Groups and Reader (rip). Currently he works at Microsoft as one of the deputy CTOs, building system architecture for the next 10+ years and thinking about how the industry will change with AI. He plays old-time mandolin, makes fountain pens, and has a wood-fired pizza oven - he will talk incessantly about any of these topics, and generally anything maker-related. 

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