Diversity 101

In order to have meaningful, productive conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion, we must start with a common language. This session will provide an introduction to key terminology as well as the categories and labels we use to describe others and ourselves. We will also examine how our identities shape the way we enter the world and our interactions with each other. Emphasis will be placed on using our identities to help us understand the identities and experiences of others.

In this session, participants will:

• Identify the benefits of inclusive environments

• Review key terminology related to diversity, equity, and inclusion

• Reflect on the origin of identities, their intersectionality, and their meanings

• Use our own identities as a window to understanding the identities of others to build more authentic, empathic relationships


This session is open to all LSA employees. External guests may request to join as space allows.

For questions or requests for accommodation, please contact our office (atitus@umich.edu) as soon as possible.

Session Is Over
Jessica Garcia

 Virtual access will be provided to all confirmed registrants closer to the date of the workshop.

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