BLI Capstone 2022 Info Sessions

Great leaders understand the value of using quality data to inform decision-making. The ability to identify, collect, and analyze relevant information is a vital skill in order to thrive in today’s world. The BLI Capstone provides project teams with access to elite mentors whose careers are built on evidence-based leadership, ongoing professional development, and up to $15,000 of financial support. Whether your project is still an idea, or an existing venture with the potential to grow, the BLI Capstone experience will provide you with the funding and resources necessary to make your vision a reality.

Session Is Over
Weiser Hall, Room 855
Fatema Haque

Please join us for an info session for the BLI Capstone Program. Program Manager Fatema Haque will lead a program overview presentation and then open up the space for questions. Grab and go lunch provided for all participants, so your RSVP is appreciated. 

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