The CGIS Brief

Designed to be 20-30 minutes in length, the CGIS Brief was created to give CGIS staff and prospective study abroad students an opportunity to have a conversation on various topics as a way to encourage students to start thinking more about their time abroad prior to departure. Topics range from heritage seeking, being an ally abroad, the pandemic, and more!

We encourage everyone to ask questions throughout the conversation or share out any insight of their own. Each event is co-facilitated by the CGIS Brief Team (Ashton, Callie and Stephen) every other Thursday at 3:00pm EST on Zoom!

Event Accommodations:

Do you need any accommodations that we should know about (disability, dietary needs, etc.)? We encourage you to share this information with us as early as possible, so we can put in place any reasonable accommodations. Please contact the CGIS Accommodations email ( to submit an accommodations request.

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For many people, religion plays a big part in their daily lives and some may think that has to change when they go abroad. If you are a religious student, you may have a few questions or concerns as you consider studying abroad: Is there an active community practicing my religion in my host city? How will I keep kosher/halal? Will I face discrimination due to my religion? How can I connect to local practitioners? Join us for the conversation as we tackle these questions and address key considerations when practicing religion abroad. 

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