National Postdoc Appreciation Week

Events to celebration U-M postdocs during Postdoc Appreciation Week, Sept 20-24, 2021

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UMPDA Anti-Racism Committee

Join the the inaugural session of the UMPDA Anti-Racism Podcast Club, presented by the UMPDA Anti-Racism Subcommittee! This event will engage postdocs in a conversation about anti-racism in our community and ways to get involved in the 2021-22 academic year.

The session will feature a discussion of NPR’s Throughline podcast episode highlighting Detroit. Before the session, spend ~35 min to listen to (or read the transcript) of this podcast:

This episode explores the story behind a 1970s legal case involving the segregation of Detroit Public Schools. The case argued that segregation was the result of official policies, which resulted in the adoption of a wide-scale desegregation plan. The episode follows a series of events building up to this case and explores the fallout. 

No expertise required, just listen to the podcast, and come ready to discuss & learn from one another!

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