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Livestream Available (Visible After Registration)
Darlene Ray-Johnson, Mallory Martin-Ferguson, Edmund Graham

This event is being offered in response to student feedback about their experiences at the University of Michigan and ongoing efforts to build community amongst HBCU alumni. The format of the event will model the Restorative Circle process. A circle is a versatile restorative practice that can be used proactively, to develop relationships and build community or reactively, to respond to wrongdoing, conflicts, and problems. Circles give people an opportunity to speak and listen to one another in an atmosphere of safety, decorum, and equality. The circle process allows people to tell their stories, offer their own perspectives, and provides an opportunity for information exchange and relationship development.

Goals of the Session:

  • Build community among HBCU students at U-M
  • Learn about your experiences as a U-M student
  • Identify unmet needs and additional resources for HBCU students
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