[Rackham] Dismantling White Supremacy

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Culture reflects a set of agreed-upon expectations and norms in a social community. Culture includes values, beliefs, perceptions, and behaviors learned from one’s group. In the United States, white supremacy culture pervades the communities and organizations that we all inhabit. In this interactive session, we will discuss a brief article (required as pre-reading before the workshop) written by anti-racism scholars and activists on white supremacy culture. We will identify ways that we can dismantle white supremacy culture in our own communities.

Learning objectives:

  • Gain deeper understanding of how white supremacy culture permeates departments and universities.
  • Recognize how white supremacy shows up in our own spaces (our department or program, our university, our professional organizations, etc.)
  • Identify action steps we will take to dismantle white supremacy culture in our own contexts

This workshop is designed for master's students, doctoral students, and postdoctoral fellows. For faculty and staff, please contact RackhamEvents@umich.edu to see if we can accommodate your attendance.

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