Resolution Office: Story Circles

A Story Circle is a small group of individuals sitting in a circle, sharing stories—usually from their own experience or imagination—focusing on a common theme. As each person in turn shares a story, a richer and more complex story emerges. By the end, people see both real differences and things their stories have in common. Story Circles are often understood as deriving from indigenous traditions. There are many variations (

In this session participants will be invited to share a story around a determined theme. Staff from the Rackham Resolution Office will serve as facilitators for the process and will end the session by sharing campus resources and information related to the theme. 


February 18: Remote Learning

February 24: Isolation

March 8: Building Community and Relationships

March 25: Transitions

Session Is Over
Livestream Available (Visible After Registration)

The prompt for this story circle is:

Share a story about what community has been like for you in graduate school.

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