[Rackham] How to Approach Winter 2021: Attending to Well-Being and Setting Actionable, Attainable Goals in a Pandemic

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The paradox of well-being is the knowledge that we NEED to devote time to attending to well-being, and yet, something else always rises to the top in terms of priorities. This session is less about well-being frameworks, and more about personalizing how to put ideas into action and create accountability for your own mental health and well-being. 


What you can expect in this one hour session:

  • No break-out rooms
  • A brief grounding mindfulness exercise, where you can relax and turn your camera/audio off
  • A dialogue with low-risk participation about how to attend to your well-being during amidst the challenges and unknowns of your life
  • To come away with at least one actionable goal to work on
  • A greater understanding of the wellness and mental health resources graduate students can utilize virtually

 This workshop is designed for master's students, doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows. For faculty and staff, please contact RackhamEvents@umich.edu to see if we can accommodate your attendance.

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