BLI Leadership Lunch

Bi-monthly Leadership Lunch series held throughout the academic year.

Event topics and speakers will vary.

Lunch is provided.

Note: These events are for BLI members, unless designated otherwise!

Session Is Over
Weiser Hall, 8th floor open space

►Are you a BLI member and haven't taken the lab?

►Are you not a member yet, but want to jump-start your lifelong leadership learning?

►Are you just curious about BLI and what makes us different from the other leadership programs on campus?

ALA 175 is a hands-on, interactive, class that is specially designed to help students develop the skills and confidence they need to grow as leaders. Group exercises and a self-designed team project allow them to practice and reflect on key leadership roles. Your experiences in the Leadership Lab will help you be more confident and successful in your work on campus, in your community, and in the world.

Swing by our Leadership Lunch on Friday, February 21 to learn more about the lab, answer all your questions and meet some of our student leaders who facilitate the lab (and enjoy a lunch)!

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