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These are the upcoming Munger Graduate Program events that are happening to assist graduate and professional students in building learning and growth outside of their academic disciplines. Transdisciplinary Fellows' programs focus on building community and developing transdisciplinary skills essential for success in 21st-century careers.

If you have any suggestions for future events, please let a Fellow know!

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Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room
Rawan Almallahi
Learn about the most luxurious classic cars built by American companies. Find out how the Eckhart Brothers, E.L. Cord, the Duesenberg Brothers, and Harry Stutz built their companies. Follow mergers between some of these companies and how the companies finally ended their production. This one-hour presentation displays the beauty of these automobiles and confirms that the saying “It’s a Duesy” refers to the very best in a field. Cars of these brands were owned by celebrities and you will see their favorites. 
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