Pause, Reflect, and Create

Pause, Reflect, and Create is a contemplative gathering of students who come together to create art, explore mindful writing, and to spend time in personal reflection. It provides an opportunity to pause and explore mindfulness through reflective expression.

The space and opportunity are about the individual personal process. Contemplative practices allow us to quiet ourselves, become more mindful and in the moment.

WHAT TO EXPECT A quiet setting dedicated to creative work; art or writing materials befit to the designated medium; inviting directions with the freedom to create your own way.

GUIDELINES No tech, no talking, and respect others' space.

Note: This event is for BLI members

Session Is Over
Weiser Hall, Room 806
Doreen Murasky, LMSW

As part of the CEW+Inspire initiative, CEW+ holds regular mindful meditation sits on Wednesdays throughout the academic year. This week, CEW+ is partnering with the BLI as part of our Pause, Reflect, and Create series. 

Being present in the moment is a skill that can be learned when practiced on a regular basis. Evidence-based meditation has been shown to reduce implicit age and race bias, reduce the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and pain, improve cognitive functioning, and assist in ending ruminating thought patterns. Come join a drop in, guided mindful meditation sit and practice being aware and fully present in the moment.

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