Yoga Kick-off!

Session Is Over
Kate Wilhelmi ( Certified Yoga Instructor

Mingle with fellow classmates interested in yoga and meet the School of Public Health student yoga instructor, Kate Wilhelmi! Refreshments will be provided.

An hour-long free yoga session will follow, all Public Health students are welcomed and encouraged to join! Please bring your own mat and wear comfortable clothing. 

About Kate Wilhelmi: After earning her Master's in Education Leadership and Policy from the University of Michigan's School of Education, Kate transitioned to full-time staff in the Epidemiology Department as the Internship Coordinator. As a dancer growing up and runner during and post-college, Kate was drawn to yoga's holistic benefits for the body, mind, and spirit. Yoga is challenging and encourages personal growth through practice and meditation. It is about listening to one's inner voice. There's also a collective power of community that happens when people practice together in a shared space that Kate is passionate about. Kate enjoys facilitating and providing a space where people are encouraged to explore, be mindful, and be present in the moment.  

Kate Wilhelmi offers free yoga classes to Public Health Students Wednesdays between 4:30 pm- 5:30 pm in MG020 SPH II during Fall 2019.

Join the SPH Student Yoga e-mail group ( in MCommunity for updates and schedule changes.

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