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Welcome to the 2019 Tableau Symposium hosted by Information and Technology Services (ITS) and Health Information Technology & Services (HITS). We have Tableau representatives from both Campus and Michigan Medicine as well as Tableau Partners.

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Room 1240
Amber MacKenzie

With more SaaS solutions rolling out across campus, a centralized data warehouse is a luxury of the past. it is becoming imperative that U-M has the ability to connect to multiple disparate data sources in real-time. Data Virtualization serves as a logical layer for users to centrally connect to one data source, while behind the scenes, data is being pulled from multiple databases, APIs, spreadsheets; anywhere you define.

Learn about the future of logical data warehousing and the advantages of data virtualization, including: centralized security and governance, an enterprise data catalog, reduction of shadow system and data redundancy, real time reporting across different systems, data consistency, data abstraction for migration and modernization and computation among multiple distrusting parties. Campus can now access and use data quickly without requiring technical details about the data, such as how it is formatted or where it is physically located.

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