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Welcome to the 2019 Tableau Symposium hosted by Information and Technology Services (ITS) and Health Information Technology & Services (HITS). We have Tableau representatives from both Campus and Michigan Medicine as well as Tableau Partners.

Session Is Over
Roberston Auditorium
Samuel Russell

This session focuses on multiple topics, outlined below, that build upon each other to create a view of Analytics not simply as a Tableau visualization, but with the goal of driving Processes and Decision-Making and creating Information Resources. The plan is not to give a straight (technical) lecture, but to tell a story using Tableau. The power of Tableau to utilize data from multiple sources and be a flexible and diverse Business Intelligence tool will be displayed. At the end of the presentation, I hope that you walk away with a sense of what Tableau is capable of doing for your team.


This session is open to anyone with interest in Business Intelligence, but the target audience is individuals who have worked with Data and Analytics tools such as, but not limited to, Tableau and Business Objects.


1) Users and Visualization creators love many of the features and capabilities of Tableau. A specific capability/tip will be discussed and demonstrated (Level of Detail, Parameters, Actions, etc.)

2) Multiple resources will be shared that support School-specific operations and display creative ways for incorporating Tableau into the processes of your unit. These resources incorporate HR, Payroll, Estimates, and Financial data.

3) Your community needs to access all of these information resources in a quick and efficient manner. An alternative approach to the Tableau Server interface is shared that allows them to go to one web-based location to consume your analytical content. This approach allows Tableau and non-Tableau resources to exist in one location.

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