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Northwood Community Center
Cheryl Hershey (

Are you moving? Doing some end-of-semester cleaning? Did you child outgrow those diapers before you ran out? Give items your children have outgrown new life! Are you expecting a child? Is your child growing out of their current clothing faster than you can blink?

Bring items to the community center as close as possible to 12:45pm on 12/17, or if the day does not work for you, reach out to Cheryl at and we can coordinate an earlier time! We’ll have items arranged by general age range and people can search for what they need while also clearing out excess items! Snacks will be provided.

Any clothing swaps, sales, or similar exchanges among Northwood residents is a personal choice and is not vetted, endorsed, or managed by M Housing.

*Similar to the Buy Nothing Groups, this is not a sale. All items must be brought to give for free. Items not claimed or taken will be donated

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