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MosherJordan-HSG-Mosher Jordan Classroom
Makayla Glenn

This program aims to give residents an opportunity to bond with other people within the dorm or with some of their friends in a team-like, collaborative space. The event will have activities comparable to the tv-show minute to win it where teams have 60 seconds to complete an activity with their team and the team that has the most or completes it first wins. Since we cannot have people win prizes we will be doing a raffle for blue bucks for the winning team of 5. The activity winners will get a ticket in the raffle and the more tickets they have the more opportunities they have in the raffle. The activities will include - Slide Cookie down the face, Mummy Wrapping, Cup Stacking, Good Sports (write the most Michigan Sports teams in 1 minute), nose dive (where residents have to collect cotton balls into a bowl with only their nose and a dap of petroleum jelly), penny stacking with one hand, toothpick words (residents have to make as many words as they can from toothpicks without bending them). The audience of the event is everyone who attends and it will be marketed to everyone. There will be about 6 teams tentatively. All the teams will participate in the same game at the same time. RA Makayla and Emma will moderate and monitor progress. 

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