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Jason Lin, Lee Hickman

For my November event, I am proposing a thanksgiving day

themed game night as a way for residents to celebrate

Thanksgiving early with their friends, neighbors, and other

residential community members. The event will utilize many of

the board games currently occupying the community center and

will set up different stations per table for different board games.

My intention is to provide a space for residents to relieve stress

prior/after their midterms. I also acknowledge that many

residents may be going home for Thanksgiving and I want to

provide a space for those who are not returning home to have

an early gathering with their loved ones away from home. This

event will be facilitated by two different RAs to ensure that no

stations are overcrowded and that each game is executed in a

respectful, fun manner (friendly competitions only). Moreover, as

an early Thanksgiving day gift, I am planning to make goody

bags full of candies and chocolates with a little thankful note in

each bag. Residents who have already signed in and have

engaged with others in some capacity can treat themselves to a

bag of delicious thankfulness! I am anticipating 25 active

audiences and 10 members who won’t be able to stay full time

but still wanted to participate briefly.

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