Case Competition Fall 2017: Poverty Solutions

We are excited to announce that Munger Graduate Residences is hosting its Fall 2017 Case Competition in partnership with Poverty Solutions at the University of Michigan! In addition to substantial monetary awards, this is a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with other professionals, work on a real-world multidisciplinary issue, and grow your Michigan network!

We invite you to learn more about this semester's topic by attending events sponsored by Poverty Solutions and/or Munger Graduate Residences.

Session Is Over
- Location: 8th Floor, Munger Graduate Residences, 540 Thompson St.
Each semester, Munger Graduate Residences challenges transdisciplinary teams of graduate students to address important topics through its Case Competition. Poverty Solutions at the University of Michigan partnered with Munger for the Fall 2017 Case Competition, asking students to create an action plan to effectively address the root causes of poverty and move the needle on poverty alleviation using a strategy of their team’s choosing and a fictional $100,000 of seed money. View teams' projects, and find out who takes home the prize!

Special menu includes:

Cheeseburgers & Fries
Beans, Rice, Fried Plantains & Pikliz
Dal, Basmati, Pickled Vegetables & Naan
Couscous with Tunisian Chicken Stew & Pita

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