Munger Graduate Residences (2022-2023)

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Cookin' at Munger: Multipurpose Room
RA Raheem Louis, Catalina Castro, and Kalisi Taborga

Graduate students come from different walks of life and face many hurdles attempting to obtain their degree. Many of those hurdles arise against the backdrop of financial burdens. These burdens result in many issues, one of them being the struggle in obtaining fresh, healthy and accessible food. For these reasons, the Munger GRA staff along with faculty at Blue and Maize Cupboard are hosting a Food Insecurity Workshop for the students of Munger. In the workshop, you will learn all about the resources that are accessible to those struggling with obtaining consistent meals. Following the dissemination of these critical resources, the workshop will end with a cooking demo featuring foods obtained from the Blue and Maize Pantry --- the purpose of the demo is to show students how to prepare quick, and healty meals on a budget.

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