STEM Equity Journal Club

Women in Science & Engineering (WISE) hosts a monthly journal club to talk about recent research on STEM equity.

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Undergraduate Science Building - 3236 (WISE Office)

Once a month, WISE hosts a journal club for undergraduates, graduate students, faculty and staff to discuss recent research on STEM equity. Feel free to bring your lunch!

This month's article is "A push for inclusive data collection in STEM organizations." How well are people like you represented in STEM professional organizations? In this session we will discuss a recent study about how professional societies could better survey, and thus better serve, underrepresented groups. Bring some survey data from your own professional society or just your curiosity - all are welcome.

Article Link:

Article Citation: Burnett NP, Hernandez AM, King EE, Tanner RL, Wilsterman K. (2022) A push for inclusive data collection in STEM organizations. Science, 376 (6588) 37-39.

If you are new to reading journal articles, check out this module from the library on Reading a Scholarly Article:

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