STEM Equity Journal Club

Women in Science & Engineering (WISE) hosts a monthly journal club to talk about recent research on STEM equity.

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Undergraduate Science Building - 3236 (WISE Office)

Once a month, WISE hosts a journal club for undergraduates, graduate students, faculty and staff to discuss recent research on STEM equity. This month's article is "Outperforming yet undervalued: Undergraduate women in STEM."

Does achievement in STEM courses correlate with perceived expertise in STEM by student peers? In this session we will discuss findings in a recent study that women are outperforming men in both physical and life science undergraduate courses, while simultaneously continuing to be perceived as less-able students. Bring your ideas or just your curiosity - all are welcome to join in the discussion.

Article Citation: Bloodhart B, Balgopal MM, Casper AMA, Sample McMeeking LB, Fischer EV. (2020) Outperforming yet undervalued: Undergraduate women in STEM. PLoS ONE 15(6): e0234685.

If you are new to reading journal articles, check out this module from the library on Reading a Scholarly Article:

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