Honors Walks with Fia Group

4 sessions available from February 12, 2023 to April 2, 2023
Participation in 3 walks over the winter term earns 1 engagement point toward the Sophomore Honors Award

February 12 -- North Campus Trails, thinking about how to make space for shorter interludes of peace and calm when we need them! Such as taking a half hour stroll around the beautiful parts of the campus that already surrounds us, to take a break from class or studying. Meet at 11 am near Pierpont Commons.

March 12 -- Fuller Park, thinking about seeking newness and taking chances in how you explore. Would love to give students the confidence to walk all around Ann Arbor, finding small or large patches of green that they didn't know existed by stumbling onto them. Meet at 10 am at North Quad.

March 26 -- Gallup Park, here, we return to the river! This park has a large mix of wide open spaces and little hidey holes with the bridges and small patches of forest. Here, we'll be thinking about how we take shelter, physically and mentally. How do we feel protected? How do we protect ourselves, without closing ourselves off?
April 2 -- Island Park. Meet at 11 am at North Quad.