Science Success Series

1 session on September 20, 2021
In this workshop, we'll build on the lessons of growth mindset and put failure into practice, with activities that allow us to focus on the learning that goes along with mistakes. This way, we can create environments that allow for innovation, personal, and professional growth.
1 session on October 5, 2021
There are limitless options for a pre-med student beyond medical school and a traditional career as a doctor. Join us in exploration of other career tracks with alumni and experts. There is a world of options to apply skills in science, critical problem solving, and a desire to help people. Find your option for wealth beyond health.
1 session on October 12, 2021
Have you ever found yourself putting forth a great deal of effort into your courses, but not feeling like you are actually learning or are left unsatisfied with your grade? This workshop, based on the work of Dr. Saundra Yancy McGuire, will enable you to analyze your current learning strategies, understand exactly what changes you need to implement to earn an A in your courses, identify concrete strategies to use during the remainder of your semester, and become a more efficient learner.
1 session on October 27, 2021
Are you struggling to keep up with your work? Most of us have trouble staying motivated to keep up with school work after many tough months.

Join the Women in Science and Engineering Program with the SLC and Newnan Advising for an interactive workshop on finding your will to succeed.
1 session on November 3, 2021
Do you think a graduate program in STEM might be right for you? Join us for a virtual panel of graduate students who will answer questions about the admissions process, how they decided what program to attend, and their experiences thus far in the graduate program.
1 session on November 18, 2021
Here is your chance to hear about what life is like for several medical school students and residents. Learn about each of their paths to medicine, experiences in medical school, and things they wished they had known in college. You can also submit your own questions ahead of time using the following link:

1 session on November 29, 2021
Do you have questions about medical school admissions? Get your answers straight from the inside! U-M Medical School Admissions Director Carol Teener. She will demystify medical school applications, expectations, and reviews in her presentation.