[Rackham] Active Attacker Preparedness Training

Available Seats 89
Assembly Hall, 4th Floor, Rackham Building

An active attacker situation can cause panic and disbelief. Knowing what to do in advance increases your chances of surviving and your reaction matters. While you may have received ALICE active attacker training during your previous educational experiences, the university's training is very different. The university—unlike primary education settings—is an open environment in the middle of a city. In addition, the information you receive in this training will apply to how you respond to an active attacker in other contexts—at a place of worship, at a movie theater, etc. A representative from the Division of Public Safety and Security will be on hand to conduct training and to field questions from graduate students.

This workshop is designed for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Space is limited. For faculty and staff, please contact RackhamEvents@umich.edu to see if we can accommodate your attendance.

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