BLI Engaged Leadership Sessions

The overarching goals of these workshops are: (a) to provide an interdisciplinary perspective on engaged leadership; (b) to learn about the complex dimensions of being an engaged leader; (c) to provide a variety of tools to cultivate leadership skills. The workshops are developed by leading scholars in the field exclusively for the BLI mindful leadership program and open to BLI Leadership Fellows.

Please note: 
To be a BLI Leadership Fellows, you must have completed ALA 170

Available Seats 10
8th Floor Weiser, BLI Open Space
Ram Mahalingam

Global Feminism Presentation and Workshop with Ram Mahalingam

Ram Mahalingam received his PhD in Developmental Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh. He is currently Professor of Psychology in the Personality and Social Contexts program at the University of Michigan. He is also a core faculty member of the Psychology and Women’s Studies Joint PhD program. He is currently the Director for the Barger Leader Institute. He pursues three lines of research: (a) Dignity and Invisibility in workplace with a specific focus on janitors in India, US and South Korea; (b) Mindfulness, social justice and leadership with a specific focus on interconnectedness; (c) Relationship between cell phones and self. He is the Director for the Mindful Connections Lab (

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